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this is kpix5 news on the cw. i'm not angry. i'm just sad. disturbing. >> i don't know what to think right now. a bay area daycare teacher accused of drugging little kids. how she was caught in the act. >> plus, surfers versus a billion area ventured capitalist who has the right to a bay area beach. >> good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. she spiked toddler's sipe cups with sleeping pills. she was fired on the spot when her bosses found out. the daycare waited a while to tell police. kit. >> reporter: well liz, it is
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still a mystery why the daycare center waited so long to tell authorities, but they stopped this woman before she was able to drug all those toddlers. the afternoon pickup was tense as some parents just found out their favorite teacher has been arrested for child endangerment. >> was she a good teacher? >> i would rather not talk right now. >> last friday, 59-year-old was caught red handed crushing up tablets and putting the sleeping pills into several sipe cups for the two-year-old children in her care. the warning says do not give the kids under 12. investigators don't know if she has tried this before. she picked him up early. >> what do you think about someone doing this? >> sick. i want to throw up. >> her bosses fired her on the spot, but it's unclear why they waited three days before calling police. they arrested her at her home and confiscated some items.
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much of the evidence was lost by then. >> we have no evidence of the substance to test. >> this shows debbie in happier times, wearing fake teeth during halloween. she was teacher of the month, recently coworkers said the class had stressed her out. robert was in her class last year. >> do you think he may have gotten medicine? >> i don't know. it was her first time doing it, i don't know. i can't believe it. she's been here for a while. >> and the police department said she had a clean history. the daycare center said she passed an fbi background check, which is standard for all employees. kit doe, kpix5. >> now out of jail. she was released. for now, she faces two counts of child endangerment, one misdemeanor and one felony. >> a christian preschool is
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also at the center of abuse allegations. a former teacher is accused of tieing up a two-year-old girl's wrists and ankles with masking tape after the toddler refused to take a nap. the news is disturbing. >> children are made in the image of god and deserve to be fully respected and this is a dehumanizing incident that we are greatly grieved over. >> church leaders say the incident came to light months after it was alleged to have happened. that's when the former employee apparently showed cell phone pictures of the girl to her colleagues. one of them was the child's mother. so far, no charges have been filed. a man accused of killing three members of a family was drunk. the d.a. says that dennis' blood alcohol was more than two times the legal limit. kpix5's juliette goodrich says
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this isn't the first time he's been in trouble for drinking and driving. >> this is the man accused of killing a daily city mother and her two sons. 28-year-old dennis speaks portuguese and requested an interpreter. he's been drunk behind the wheel before. in011, he was convicted of dui in santa clara. deputy d.a. says he was still on probation at the time of this weekend's fatal crash. >> his blood alcohol level, you said .18? >> .18, that was from a blood sample taken over two hours at the time of driving. realistically, it was quite a bit higher. >> he had reportedly spent the afternoon drinking with friends before he got behind the wheel. >> he was drinking in daily city for several hours and eating with a large group of people. he left the restaurant sometime after that around 8:00 in the evening.
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>> the d.a.'s office says he raced away in excess of 60 miles per hour. minutes later, he crashed into a car, pulling out of a driveway. killing 50-year-old and her two sons, 23-year-old amato and 15- year-old, joswe. a girlfriend of the sons survived and is in the hospital in serious condition. >> we charged him with three counts of gross manslaughter. that's for each of the three victims. he has also been charged with felony dui for that fourth victim. makes it a more serious offense. >> despite being on probation for that 2011 die. he did have a valid driver's license. his fatal mistake this time around was getting behind the wheel after he had been drinking. in redwood city, juliette
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goodrich, kpix5. >> to be formally charged. you're looking live at vatican city where the new day could bring a new leader for the world's 1.2 billion catholics. day one of the conclave failed to produce a new pope. we are just hours away from the next vote. black smoke rose from sistine chapel. a sign to the waiting crowd and the world that no new pope was elected. the crowd in st. peter's square watched the chimney on a large screen while inside, 115 cardinals from around the world cast their first vote in the process. they entered the chapel earlier tuesday, chanting the saints, with a hand on the gospel, each cardinal vowed to keep his vote between himself and god. then the giant wooden doors were closed, sealing off the outside world.
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>> it's a very solemn occasion. no debate, no campaign speeches, none of that. >> the have the vatican did not expect a winner in the first vote. some catholics in the square held flags and signs showing their preference. >> we have never had an american pope before. that would be exciting. >> others say geography is not the most important factor. >> we are just waiting. >> the cardinal will celebrate mass wednesday morning and begin a new round of voting. ballots will be burned twice a day until one man gets the 2/3 majority. in vatican city, danielle nottingham, kpix5. if you're not in vatican city to see the smoke in
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person, you can watch it on our website. online conclave coverage includes a live smoke cam. >> well, it served as the perfect get away for generations of surfers and beach goers until a new billionaire showed up and blocked off access to martin's beach. surfers are fighting back to take back the public beach. kpix5's joe vazquez on the beach fight turned constitutional battle. >> beautiful area down here. people should be able to enjoy. >> enjoying martin's beach is not so easy anymore. outsiders from fisherman to surfers have been coming here for most of the years. paying to access the beach. the new property owner put up a gate blocking public access to a private road. >> it's simple, just open the gate, we'll pay whatever you want us to pay. >> don't we have a law protecting public ac access to
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beaches? >> absolutely. and that had always been the case at martin's beach. >> the law is called the coastal act. filed a lawsuit today against the owner, claiming he is in violation. the people are allowed to access the coast. we don't view this as in different, if somebody bought the houses d put up a fence and said that's now my backyard. >> attorney for the property owner didn't want to talk about it on camera, but said they welcomed the lawsuit, as far as the owner is concerned, this is not so much a fight over access to the water, but instead, it's a battle over the constitutional right of property owner. the landowner's attorney says the road is private. that the government can only order a property owner to allow the public on private property in certain circumstances and that this is not one of them. who exactly is the owner? he will only say it's a corporation called martin's group, in a recent letter to the writers, he identified,
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asking the group to respect his privacy. he was cofounder and the first ceo. now a venture capitalist. he's known as the king of green technology. he was not named in today's lawsuit. joe vazquez, kpix5. >> joe tells us the surfer's plan a demonstration, which will include retired congressman. he was cofounder of the original earth day back in the 70s. they plan to demand that the property owner tear down that gate. a bay area man who spent 14 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit is now planning his future as a free man. johnny williams was convicted of trying to rape a nine-year- old girl who wrongly identified him as her attacker. he was freed in january after a new dna evidence proved his innocence. and william says he's not wasting any time on bitterness. >> i go with the flow. right now, the flow is
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positive. i want to do all positive things. no negativity. >> williams is looking forward to visits with his family. he says he is also planning to go back to school and doing traveling in europe. they pack our landfills by the ton, but not for long. the new purpose for old shingles. >> plus, looking for a place to rent? good luck. what is driving bay area prices up and out of reach for most californians. >> taste of late spring and early summer. many well into the 70s, but 80 degrees, something we typically don't do until early to mid april for san jose, livermore, and santa rosa. your forecast coming up.
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it's one of those home repair jobs that comes with a big price tag and even bigger mess. replacing a roof. now, all those used shingles won't be heading to a landfill as kpix5's reporter explains, we'll be driving on them. >> with spring weather here,
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contractors around the bay area are rapidly replacing roofs. hundreds of them every day. and that is a lot of roofs. in inmarin county alone, the question is, where does all that stuff go? usually here in the landfill. roofer, brian mcclarion says all those old shingles got to go somewhere. >> we are the single largest contributor to the landfills. if we can start diverting roofing material, it would be huge. >> working with the company in oakland is starting to pilot project called roofs to roads. now the old asphalt shingles could end up here. they would be ground up and used as an additive to new asphalt instead of the dump. about time. >> the newest and greatest thing, you know, they've been doing it for 25 years back east
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and we are finally catching on. >> caltrans is studying the new mixture. so far, the tests on private roads looks good. in marin county, kpix5. just what does it really take to afford rent in the bay area these days? a new study shows it can take working more hours than there are in a day if you are making minimum wage. john ramos with one bay area county where more than half of the population can't afford to pay rent. >> the government defines affordable housing as costing less than a third of your income. but a new study is out that says california's average two bedroom apartment is now more than $1300. and for that to be affordable, your full-time job would have to pay $26.02 per hour. >> what if you don't make $26 an hour? what if you make minimum wage?
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>> that's when the numbers get grim. to afford the same apartment, the household would have to include minimum wage earners. or a sing l person making $8 an hour would have to work $130 hours a week. 52 weeks a year. >> obviously that's not realistic. you can't work more than 24 hours in a day. families are struggling to get by. they are spending more than 30% of their income toward their rent. >> it helps finding housing for people in contra cost tay county that end up on the street. people who couldn't make rent despite working two or three minimum wage jobs. >> how many people do you know of that are spending 1/3 of their income on their housing? >> i don't know anybody. we can't afford living like that. it's impossible. >> heather was working three jobs when she got pregnant.
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she actually had to choose between having an apartment or her son. >> it was really hard, actually. down to almost giving birth. i was really questioning whether i was going to keep him or not because i couldn't afford it. >> that's a terrible choice. >> it was a really hard choice. >> the situation is bad and only getting worse. the numbers show the gap between the have's and the have notes is widening. leaving many with literally no place to go. in concord, john ramas, kpix5. saw a woman in the picture with an umbrella, not for the rain, for the sunshine. >> you can still use the umbrella, even in this weather. it's that sunny outside, we can't get an organized batch of rain fall. now we are talking about something else, the warm, summer-like warmth. coming to spots like san jose. you hit the mid 70s today.
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we'll add 5 to that tomorrow and some of you, especially lo s altos. the day will start off warm. 50 for san francisco. vallejo 47 and concord 46 degrees. the radar, don't pay attention to that green. there is no rain fall out this. had some fog at the coastline today. had some fog, because that's because we had a light on shore flow. all the rain fall headed towards the seattle. we are protected. tomorrow, forget about the on shore wind. it will be at its strongest to give an goff shore wind. that will warm up everybody, you'll get up near 70 and some of you will have the warmest weather since early november. getting up to 80 degrees. high pressure begins to move, but far enough to the south
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that an online air will come back. it will be mild and dry, but it won't be as warm. tomorrow will be the peek of this heat wave we are going to go through. warmest weather since early november, we'll stay inland through the morning, and also at the coast. not tomorrow, highs approaching 80. san jose, 80 degrees. santa clara 79. fremont 77. san ramon and concord, 80 for napa. 80 for sanoma. we will stay in the 70s through the weekend. mainly dry, trending cooler next week, but i don't see any rain fall and 80 degrees tomorrow. that is toasty. >> getting warm. >> it's getting warm, yes. >> we need the rain, but we should enjoy it. thanks paul. >> is this an offer too good
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to refuse? mulling over millions to change its name to a dating website. ,,,,,,,,,,
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when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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a dating website is trying to conquer new territory. picked a bay area town and said -- >> hey, we'll give you lots of money if you change your money to our website's name. kpix5's david jackson on the outlandish offer and the city's response. >> it's a surprise offer to an unlikely town, but not so fast.
10:25 pm
dating site, offered $12 million to wood side, if the village would legally change its name to, california. wood side chosen because of it small size and extreme wealth, which means you're looking at a tremendous amount of affluent, older gentleman. so we figured it's a good place to plant our flag. >> that means you are serious? >> the men were unanimous, no sugar daddy name up in here. >> i thought it was a joke. all towns come and try that, this isn't one that means the money or has any desire to change their name. >> this is crazy. this is woodside, this is in and out not >> but women outnumber the men and some think the name change works. >> it's totally suiting, of course i think it's a good idea. >> it's totally suiting.
10:26 pm
>> it dotely is. look ashed this place. a lot of women right now, but the sugar daddies are coming in soon. >> they gave sugar daddy the violent treatment and wants none of its $12 million and none of the name changing. now, for darren and sugar daddy, it's on to the next town, leaving at least one resident disappointed. >> so you think that does fit and makes sense they would make the effort? >> totally. the manager approves. >> in woodside, kpix5. >> now i know why my wife married me. the raiders said good bioto two normer number one picks and the 49ers lost their swiss army knife. next.
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terms delaney walker agreed to a new deal. such a weapon for the 49ers, called him a swiss army knife. the raiders released the number 7 overall pick in the 2009 draft. he never lived up to the hype. 11 touchdowns in four years. they also released michael, another former first round. the dolphins signed wheeler. the linebacker led the raiders last season and the eagles signed 49ers, nose tackle to a three-year deal and released cornerback, just two years after signing into

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